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Collagen 1000 mg capsules

Dr Choice AS

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Easy Choice dietary supplement with collagen

Good for skin, muscles and joints. Collagen is a protein found in all connective tissue in our body including skin, bones, tendons and ligaments. The most important function is to help tissues withstand stretching and increase elasticity, e.g. in skin. As we age, our body produces less collagen, thus the elasticity of skin and tendons deteriorates. Easy Choice collagen can therefore be good for aging skin and bone density, and collagen can play a certain role in the structure and maintenance of muscle tone. Collagen can also play a positive role in tissue repair.

Easy Choice collagen can be good for the production and maintenance of collagen in the body and thus perhaps be positive for bones and muscle function. Simply explained, the purpose of the product is to contribute to the best possible flexibility in bones, muscles and joints. Many users experience that the collagen has a positive effect on the skin. They believe they become softer, more moist and that hair growth and quality of hair and nails become better.

In addition, the capsules contain vitamin C and D3.

Vitamin C is good for the immune system
Vitamin C is an antioxidant
Vitamin D is important for normal bone formation
Vitamin D is important for normal muscle function
Vitamin D is good for the immune system
Contents per 1 capsule / 4 capsules

  • Collagen II for joints (1 capsule 490 / 4 capsules 1960 mg)
  • Collagen I for skin (1 capsule 210 / 4 capsules 840 mg)
  • Salmon oil (1 capsule 130 mg / 4 capsules 520 mg)
  • Boswellia Serata (1 capsule 100 mg / 4 capsules 400 mg)
  • Vitamin C (1 capsule 49 mg / 4 capsules 196 mg)
  • Manganese (1 capsule 1 mg / 4 capsules 4 mg)
  • Vitamin D3 1 capsule 20 ug / 4 capsules 80 ug)
  • Vegetable capsule - not gelatin

120 capsules - Net weight: 1000 mg

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